Thank you for choosing me as your photographer. It is amazing for me to share this very special journey with you. I aim to capture the pure love and joy that a newborn brings to the life of a parent. Newborn babies grow so fast! A Newborn photoshoot is the perfect way to capture your little person just as they are in the first few days of life.  Every tiny perfect detail captured.

The Newborn photoshoot can include traditional sleeping poses, family shots and sibling shots if desired. You will be sent a list of very important pre-shoot preparations to ensure that we have a successful session. All props, wraps, bonnets and headbands are provided for your session please chat to me about your preferences. My studio is perfect for Newborn photoshoots, however I do home shoots if desired. These Newborn Shoots are lifestyle sessions with your home as the backdrop. I am only able to travel to you with limited props. There is no additional cost for a home shoot if you are in my area.



A newborn photoshoot normally happens at about 7 to 14 days old.  All newborn props, wraps, bonnets and headbands are provided for your newborn shoot please chat to me about your preferences.

The ideal time for a newborn photoshoot is so fleeting. So much happens in this time and some new parents aren’t able to get to the studio for a photoshoot.  I will shoot a newborn “style” session up to 4 weeks.  But please be aware that as baby gets older and they move out of the two week “Honeymoon phase” they sleep less and are more easily disturbed. As a result they don’t transition from pose to pose as a week old baby would.  As they grow they also won’t go into all the poses that a week old baby would.  For older babies we will take the session as it comes. We will follow the lead of your baby in terms of number and types of poses as well possibility of sleeping and naked baby shots.  (This is for full term babies not Premature Babies)


If you are doing a planned C section once you get your C section date you can schedule your newborn photoshoot for 7 days after the birth.  If you are planning a natural birth we will pencil your due date in on the calendar and then as soon as you go into labour or once your baby has been delivered you can contact me to secure a date for your session about 7 days after babies birth date. 



This package includes a newborn Photoshoot. This sessions can take from 2 – 3 hours.  The package includes family pictures of parents, siblings and baby (First Touch Newborn gallery). As well as images of baby alone images (Purely newborn Gallery). The Purely Newborn shots include 2 – 3 different set-ups with props and 2 digital backdrop images.  The Deluxe Package includes 30 high resolution images as digital download. The Deluxe package is available Monday to Friday mornings (Saturday when available).  

TIME: 2-3 hours

INCLUDES: Family, sibling and Baby(First Touch Gallery) as well as Baby alone(Purely Newborn) images


SETUPS: Purely newborn 2-3 set ups plus 2 digital backdrop. One outfit of clothing for the family shots.

WHEN: Monday to Friday (Saturday when available)


This Package includes a Newborn Photoshoot. This session takes around 2 hours.  The package includes images of parents, siblings and baby (First Touch Gallery) as well as images of baby alone (Purely Newborn Gallery). For the Purely Newborn images we will use 1 – 2 different set-ups. As well as one digital backdrop. The Package includes 20 edited high resolution images as digital download.  The premium package is available Monday to Friday

TIME: 2 hours

INCLUDES: Family, sibling and Baby (First Touch Gallery) as well as Baby alone (Purely Newborn)images


SETUPS: Purely Newborn 1-2 setups plus 1 digital backdrop

WHEN: Monday to Friday (Saturday when available)


This is a “Mini” Newborn Photoshoot that includes Family shots as well as one set up with baby in a prop.  Baby will be wrapped for the sibling and family shots. We will then do one set up of wrapped baby alone in one of the props. This package does NOT include naked baby shots. The One Wrap Session is available Monday to Friday mornings only.

TIME: 1 hours 

INCLUDES: Family, sibling and Baby shots as well as one prop shot set up.


SETUPS: 1 set up.

WHEN: Monday to Friday



This package includes a 1 hour photo session.  Includes images either of Parent, siblings and baby (First touch gallery) or images of baby alone (Purely Newborn) in 1 or 2 different set-ups.  It includes 10 edited high resolution images as digital download.  The Petite package is available Monday to Friday mornings only.

TIME: 1 hours 

INCLUDES: Family, sibling and Baby shots (First Touch) OR Baby alone (Purely Newborn)images


SETUPS: 1 -2 set ups OR Family shots.

WHEN: Monday to Friday


  • There are many different items you can purchase after your session for example Canvas’s , albums, prints, calendars,  Wooden blocks, Folio boxes etc. These can be ordered online from your gallery.  
  • R200 per digital image.  If there are additional images on your gallery it is possible to upgrade to the next package when you receive your gallery
  • Folio Print boxes include 18 photo prints mounted onto beautiful Matt board frames. Folio prints are then packaged in either a timeless black wibalin box or one of our gorgeous wooden boxes. A beautiful way to show off your images, packaged beautifully and ready to be handed out.

Folio Box (18 prints) R700 Wibalin box

Folio Box (18 prints) R950 Wooden box

Folio Box plus USB (18 print) R1400

  • Albums available only to Deluxe Packages and Maternity and Newborn Bundles

Albums A4 Landscape Photo book with printed cover R1300

Albums A4 Landscape Photo book with Leather cover R1800

Postage in not included on the additional items. No Postage for additional orders over R700


Covid-19 has resulted in a few changes for Photoshoots.  I am taking extra precautions in the studio.  Shoots are preferably with immediate family and no extra people at the session.    If anyone in the family is feeling unwell OR was exposed to someone with Covid-19, the shoot would need to be rescheduled.  The same would go for me of course.   If you become ill after the session it is important that you notify me so that I can self isolate.   I am going to space out sessions so that the studio can be properly cleaned between clients and as is the norm in my studio hand cleaning will be paramount.  

All non delicate items (backdrops, some maternity gowns, towels etc) used for your session will be tumble dried for additional cleanliness and all delicate (Newborn / Sitter bonnets, beanies and headbands, maternity gowns, floral crowns etc) items will be steam cleaned before your session.

Please do your part, get vaccinated, wash hands, social distance and stay safe.


I like to use neutral coloured clothing for my newborn sessions.

Dress it clothing that reflects your style.  (if that means bright colours by all means wear bright colours!)

Stay away from clothing with logo’s.  

If you wear glasses I would suggest that you remove the glass from the frames or have the sitting without them as the flash units tend to reflect off of the glass.

As we are shooting in studio lighting environment a fresh face of make-up and lipstick for ladies always produces most flattering results.

I have my studio in my home so please remember it is an informal relaxed environment. The shoot will flow at your families pace, so the only other thing to do is come armed with a smile.  

I find with baby shoots keep clothing simple and classic is usually best.  I have loads of baby props, bonnets, wraps etc. for us to use so there is no need to bring any clothing for baby. 

For baby please bring bottles and formula if you are bottle feeding, a dummy or pacifier and plenty of nappies.

I keep the room where we do the newborn shoots really warm so that baby is comfortable with no clothing on, so it may be a bit hot for the adults in the room so remember to take a break during the session have a cup of tea, relax and drink plenty of water.

I also use white noise in the room to keep baby calm and  to keep him or her from startling if there is a sudden noise.

There are lots of other little things I will do on the of the shoot to ensure your session is a success.  Please can you do the following to make sure the shoot goes as smoothly and stress free as possible.


Please keep your newborn’s skin well moisturised from birth.  I used pure olive oil (available from the your local chemist) after each bath. A number of other products are also available speak to your midwife/nurse about your choice.


If you are breast feeding please try to avoid spicy food and chocolate the night before the photo shoot.

On the day of the photo shoot dress baby in a clip up babygrow.  Nothing that goes over the head.

Put on babies nappy loosely.  To avoid making lines on the skin.

On the day of the photo shoot please avoid using bum cream.  

On the day of the photo shoot give baby an active morning, maybe a bath and a massage, then good feed just before leaving home.  Be sure to clip baby into his car seat for the drive for the safety of your child and the motion of the car should put him/her to sleep.  

Please could you message me when you leave the house with your time of arrival to the studio so that I can warm the studio before you get here.

Please be on time.  I am not always able to extend your session to accommodate late arrivals.   

Where to go: 3 Alexander Drive Winston Park Gillitts


White clothing looks amazing against the white and Grey and Fine Art brown/black backdrops. Just about any colour clothing is good against the Black fine art drop. The brown fine art has hints of greens and mustards and warm colours. Choose to wear warm colours, greens or mustards these will work well against the brown fine art drop.
Black against the black Fine art backdrop means you disappear into the backdrop and we can focus on what is really important.  Baby! 
The Fine art and black backdrops will need to be set up in advance of your arrival so if this is your preference please let me know.

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    Editing of images is as per the photographers discretion. If you require specific or additional editing you will be charged an editing fee per image.

    Prices are subject to change

    The selection of images is at the photographers discretion.

    Editing takes approx 3 weeks after the date of the photoshoot.  

    Please let me know if you don’t want you images shared on social media a sneak peek will be given on social media unless otherwise you notify me.

    A deposit is required to secure your booking.

    Balance of your shoot is due on the day of your session unless otherwise arranged.

    No images will be released until final payment is received.

    The photographer reserves the right to use images taken during the shoot for any advertising purposes.